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Keller @ Large: Stephen Lynch On ISIS, Trump

BOSTON (CBS) -- Congressman Stephen Lynch, who represents the 8th Congressional District of Massachusetts and serves as co-chair of the Task Force on Anti-Terrorism and Proliferation Financing, voiced his concerns about a potential cease-fire in Syria.

"I think it's a noble goal, but I don't think it's going to work," Lynch said.

Lynch sat down with WBZ political analyst Jon Keller to talk about ISIS, the 2016 presidential election, and the Syrian conflict. Lynch was present at a conference in Munich a week ago, where diplomats and heads of state discussed a cessation of hostilities in order to provide humanitarian aid to

"We had a chance to meet with Secretary Kerry," said Lynch. "He's doing his level best on all of this, this is a tough situation ... however, I don't think that a cease-fire is viable right now on the ground."

Keller asked Lynch about his endorsement of Hillary Clinton--specifically, why he thought voters shouldn't support Bernie Sanders.

"I don't think that the answer to the evils of democracy is socialism," Lynch said, adding that he had worked with Sanders in the past and thought he was "a nice guy."

And as for Donald Trump?

"Arguably he is the least qualified, if you look at people and base it on their experience," said Lynch.

Lynch and Keller also discussed Apple CEO Tim Cook's resistance to unlocking the San Bernadino shooter's iPhone for the FBI.

"It can be narrowly tailored, I think, in order to just get that information and not be this wide search that people are concerned about," said Lynch. "This is not about putting trap doors or back doors on everyone's device, that's not the case here."

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