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Keller @ Large: WBZ-TV's Jon Keller celebrates 30 years on Boston television

BOSTON - In May of 1993, I got an offer I couldn't refuse.

The general manager of Channel 56, then an independent news outlet with a nightly 10 p.m. show, asked me if I'd like to leave my job as political reporter at the Boston Phoenix and do the same full-time for them. Writing for the now-defunct Phoenix, an alternative weekly, was a great gig. But I had young children and a mortgage to pay. And my new boss was open to an idea I had: instead of doing straight political reporting, create a franchise - in essence, a video version of a newspaper column - which would mix reporting with analysis and, when it was a slow day on the political beat, cover pop culture, major court trials, anything that people were buzzing about.

I drew inspiration from talented local media figures like Dick Flavin and Andy Hiller of WBZ-TV, Chuck Kraemer of Channel 5 and my mentor in radio, David Brudnoy. And my instructions were explicit - let it rip.

"Keller At Large" was born. And since bringing the concept over to WBZ in May 2005, I've been blessed by supportive bosses, brilliant colleagues, and the attention of the smartest TV viewers in America.

This week, as we mark three decades of "Keller At Large," we're taking the opportunity to spotlight some of the more memorable moments we've covered, stories we've reported, and momentous events that have changed our politics and the way we live in this great country and its greatest city. It's been a privilege to have this assignment, and to be a commentator in a region where everyone has their own opinion and isn't shy about weighing in on yours. 

To all of you who've made it clear over the years what you loved or hated about my work - or simply what got you thinking - thank you. 

Enjoy this trip down memory lane, and I look forward to navigating more historic moments alongside you in the years to come.

Four memorable moments

Memorable moments from Jon Keller's 30 years on Boston television 03:40

Four favorite stories

Keller @ Large: Jon's favorite stories from last 30 years 03:36

Four dramatic changes 

Keller @ Large: Dramatic changes over 30 years 03:53

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