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14-year-old John Sheeran accused of trying to drown teen in Chatham pond

14-year-old accused of trying to drown Black teen in Chatham
14-year-old accused of trying to drown Black teen in Chatham 02:18

CHATHAM - A 14-year-old boy was released with a GPS monitoring device, Monday, accused of attempting to murder a 15-year-old Black boy by drowning him in a Chatham pond.

John Sheeran, 14, left his bail hearing with his father without saying a word. He is charged with Attempted Murder as a Youthful Offender which means his court proceedings are open to the public and he can be sentenced as an adult if convicted.

Sheeran's indictment stems from an incident in July when investigators say he texted a Black boy to meet him at Goose Neck Pond in Chatham.

When the boy arrived, police say, Sheeran and another boy threw rocks at him. Then, they allegedly asked the boy to get in the water. The boy did not know how to swim and wore a life jacket.

John Sheeran Chatham
John Sheeran, 14, of Chatham, appeared in court on attempted murder charges CBS Boston

Investigators say Sheeran called the boy the "N" word and then pulled him under the water four to five times. When the boy screamed for help, police say the other boy called him "George Floyd."

Sheeran stopped trying to pull the boy underwater when another child on the beach swam to intervene, police say.

Cape and Islands District Attorney Eileen Moriarty told the judge that a few hours later, Sheeran punched an Asian boy in the face after that boy called him fat.

Defense Attorney Kevin Reddington, who is representing Sheeran, said his client is remorseful. He said Sheeran did not intend to attempt to murder his friend but simply committed a stupid act that went too far.

Sheeran's hearing was attended by dozens of community members including members of the NAACP of Cape Cod.  

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