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Lowell Teacher Buys Bus, Takes Students On Virtual Field Trips During Remote Learning

LOWELL (CBS) - Sixth grade science teacher John King is teaching his students from a mobile classroom. The Lowell Middle School teacher lives on the edge of Townsend. The internet is not strong enough there so he bought a used bus to find a signal to connect with his students.

"I can actually stand up and write on a white board or talk to the kids and teach my lessons instead of sitting in the car all day," said John King.

King misses teaching his students in person.

John King
Lowell Middle School teacher John King in his mobile classroom (WBZ-TV)

"There is a lot of staring and looking at black boxes on Zoom," said King.

King is making the best of remote learning. He's using his bus to hit the road for virtual field trips. He's showed students the dinosaur foot prints in western Mass and has used the beach on cape cod for a lesson on the ocean.

"It's allowing me stuff that I normally couldn't do," said King.

Some of King's students are having a hard time with remote learning which is why he's gone on a couple of house calls.

John King
Lowell Middle School teacher John King teaches a student outside his house (WBZ-TV)

"He was here for a good two hours and my son got a lot of work done," said Hiedi Kimemia.

Hiedi Kiememia's son Aiden benefited from a social distance in person lesson from King. "It makes my heart very full. I appreciate it because my son is going to remember that," said Kiememia.

"If that's what I have to do to help a kid get his work done then that's what I'll do," said King.

John King is just one of the many dedicated teachers who are not letting the pandemic prevent their students from succeeding.

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