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Joe Mazzulla won the quickest challenge in NBA postseason history during Game 1

BOSTON -- Celtics head coach Joe Mazzulla has been praised (and criticized) for his unorthodox ways as an NBA head coach. His wild style was on full display in the opening seconds of Boston's Game 1 win in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Indiana Pacers at TD Garden.

Usually if there is a questionable call on the floor early in a game, Mazzulla will keep his coach's challenge in his back pocket just in case something else pops up at a later, more important moment. But on Tuesday night, he wasted no time calling for a green-light special.

Mazzulla challenged a goaltending call on Celtics veteran Al Horford just 35 seconds into Game 1, which set a new NBA playoff record for the quickest challenge in a game. Horford was called for the goaltend while defending a layup attempt by Pascal Siakam, and clearly got his fingertips on the ball before it hit the backboard.

Mazzulla quickly challenged the call, and the call was quickly overturned, giving Boston its 2-0 lead back. And it worked out well for the Celtics, who ripped off a 12-0 run to start the contest. The run was capped off by a three-pointer by Horford. 

Mazzulla is best known for holding onto his timeouts like they're currency, which has long drawn the ire from pundits and Celtics fans alike. But he's not afraid to go against the grain, and with an incorrect call that cost his team a good defensive play, he was ready to call for the early challenge.

With a trip to the NBA Finals on the line, Mazzulla is clearly willing to pull out all the stops.

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