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Joe Kelly Shatters Bedroom Window While Trying To Pitch Into Net

BOSTON (CBS) -- As anybody who's tried to stay in shape during the coronavirus quarantine can attest, working out at home can be dangerous. By now, you've surely seen a viral video or two of folks with good intentions who have failed miserably at utilizing what's at their disposal when trying to exercise.

As it turns out, even the professionals are in the same boat.

Dodgers reliever -- and Red Sox world champion -- Joe Kelly decided to get in some work on his changeup this week. Kelly didn't have his usual world-class facilities to practice in, but he did have a giant net set up on his lawn.

For a professional pitcher, this seemed like a pretty safe endeavor. Ah, but then ...

In video posted on his wife's Instagram story, Kelly misses the net entirely and absolutely shatters a bedroom window in his house. Walks have always been somewhat of an issue for Kelly throughout his career, but his occasional lack of control has never before had such an instant impact.

(The image of Kelly standing perfectly still, unable to speak or move while staring in disbelief at what just happened, is a pose that anyone who's ever made a huge mistake as a youngster can relate to.)

Kelly explained the misfire on "The Bradfo Show" podcast.

"I was throwing a changeup, and what people don't realize is I'm throwing a new product out there on the market [CleanFuego], invented by our assistant pitching coach. It's heavier. It's like three times heavier than a [regular] ball," Kelly said. "So I'm throwing a changeup to make it spin this way, to make it fly like a flying saucer, and I missed my net by an inch. I had video of me throwing it good. And then I missed it by an inch, and then it just took off because it's flying like this, so it doesn't go down. It catches the wind and then it went through my window, over the bed, on the other side of the other room, the hockey-puck baseball was over there, on the ground."

As for missing the giant, humongous, tremendously huge net?

"I'm not throwing at the target. I'm throwing to the right of it. If you throw it anywhere at the target, it goes into my bushes," Kelly explained. "I'm throwing at like a two-foot invisible square in my mind. I missed it by two inches."

Kelly told Rob Bradford that he was filming his work using a tripod, but he thought he might have deleted the footage of the window shattering.

"The remote was in my pocket, so when I'm throwing, the remote accidentally pressed record. So I got lucky. I wasn't recording," Kelly said. "I stopped the recording, I deleted the recording. Two hours later, I'm like, man, I wish I got that on video. And then I'm like oh s---, maybe it was when I was accidentally recording. So I go back, go through my deleted videos in the iPhone, and there it is. Long video, so I clicked play and watched through, and I caught that. And I was like yes! All right, it made my night a little bit better. At least I got it on video."

Interestingly enough, the video that preceded the incident showed Kelly throwing into the screen as the song "Wild Thing" played. It was perhaps a sign of what was to come.

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