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Jim Breuer Discusses John Jastremski Encounter, Learns How To Use Google On Toucher & Rich

BOSTON (CBS) -- Comedian Jim Breuer found himself at the center of an inferno-level controversy this week when he shared a relatively innocent tale about running into John Jastremski in Cancun.

After finding himself as the subject of much hatred from Patriots fans, Breuer was fed up, and he went on Toucher & Rich on Thursday morning to vent and clear the air.

With so many people not believing his story, the first question was obvious: Did you search Google Images to see if the person he had spoken to was actually John Jastremski?

Breuer said he never had, and what then took place was a crash course in how works.

After eventually finding a photograph of Jastremski, Breuer said ... No! Wrong guy.

Case closed, right?

Well, not quite.

Turns out, the Patriots' official team photo of Jastremski is quite old, and later in the interview, Rich sent Breuer updated photos of Jastremski.

It was the guy.

"Oh! Yes. This guy. I believe that is him," Breuer said when finally looking at the pictures. "Absolutely."

Breuer also found an email that was sent to him by the guy claiming to be Jastremski in the gym, and he read it on air. Fred found the email to be clincher -- this person was actually Jastremski.

"Here's what you would have to do: you would have to go up to Jim Breuer, claim that you were John Jastremski, then you would have to have your wife come down and like double down on it like you've had a conversation beforehand that this is what you were going to do, then you would have to make an email address that made it seem like you were that guy to email him that day, and I just think that there's a lot of easier things you could have done," Fred explained. "You could just say, 'Jim, I'm a big fan.' It's such a random thing to claim to be."

After lashing out at "idiot sports fans," Breuer admitted to initially getting the date wrong when he told the story to Sports Illustrated. He said it was in January, but it was actually in November. And if what he relayed from Jastremski is true -- that Jastremski and his wife were receiving death threats -- it's not unfathomable for the Patriots to have sent their employee on a midseason vacation to get away.

However, Breuer relayed a story of Jastremski saying he had been fired and was jobless. As far as anyone knows, the Patriots reinstated both Jastremski and Jim McNally in September. And if the Patriots weren't taking care of him, then the team presumably wouldn't be sending him on vacation int he middle of the season.

So, here's some more detail about Breuer said. The credibility of the report is up to you.

"I saw the emotional distress on the two of these individuals. The wife was tearing up at times from the hate mail," Breuer said. "And they were talking about moving because the Pats fans were sending vicious death threats to their home and their families. And they were distraught, and they said this was their life. They have to change their whole life. And he was worried that he's never going to get a job again -- he can't get a job.

"He said they were getting death threats, the Patriots fired him, said they were going to take care of him. I remember he said he was waiting for them to get back to him soon, but every time they say that, they don't do anything about it. He's jobless. They said they were going to take care of them. He kept saying, 'Tom Brady was my guy, he has always been so good to me.'

"The big thing that he and his wife kept talking about was they're stuck, they're jobless, they're running out of money, it's not a big-paying job, this is what he's done his whole life since high school, and the Patriots were not taking care of him, they were telling him to keep his mouth shut, and every time he wanted to say something, they wouldn't let him," Breuer said. "

"He was a great guy. He was a great guy. I related to him as far as a young, married couple. I saw them as a young, distraught couple," Breuer said of Jastremski and his wife, who was also in the gym in Cancun. "A guy just innocent, deer-in-the-headlights, and that's what I got out of it. He was an innocent victim. This whole situation. That was what I got out of this conversation, and he was treated by a big corporate bully organization. And that's what I got out of it, and I was there to help him -- the human side of me.

"I was actually going to try to help him more, as it went on. I said, 'You need to get this out, because this could destroy you.' This is what makes alcoholics, this is what makes drug addicts. This could ruin a human's life. And the small people in life don't get the real thing, the human side of what's going on. You just say, 'Oh, the Pats! Tom Brady!' You strip away all of that, you got a human being that's being destroyed."

"He's a great guy. From what I met, it was only an hour-and-a-half. I never asked him about the whole deflation. I wouldn't go there, because I'm sure that he's heard it a billion times," Breuer said. "All he did was praise Tom Brady. He had nothing but amazing -- he went on and on and on, to the point where it kind of annoyed me because I wanted him to throw [Brady] under the bus, and I told you what he was truly upset about."

Listen to the full interview below:

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