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'There's No Smoking Gun': Expert Calls For Full JFK Assassination Report To Be Released

BOSTON (CBS) – President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas 58 years ago, but the public has not had the chance to see the full details of the investigation. Both the Trump and Biden administrations have delayed the full release, most recently citing the pandemic.

Tom Samoluk, the former Deputy Director of the Assassination Records Review Board, says at this point, the secrecy sounding the JFK investigation is unnecessary.

"Most records, the vast majority of records, the records that the Review Board did not release in the mid '90s, need to be released now," Samoluk said in an interview on CBSN Boston.

"Not that the assassination can be solved. I can tell you that the Review Board, the staff, we looked at all of these records. There's no smoking gun if you will. However, they do put together the assassination chronology more completely."

Samoluk said the delay in the release of the files has fueled conspiracy theories.

"Keeping the records secret, particularly in this day in age does not help trust in the federal government," Samoluk said.

The records that have been released can be viewed online.

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