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I-Team's Call For Action Gets JetBlue To Refund Man's Airfare After Wife Dies Before Trip

DEDHAM (CBS) - Jim Walsh of Dedham says the 10 years married to his wife, Diane, were the best of his life. Tragically, Diane passed away suddenly last month.

Still in mourning and not wanting to travel, Jim chose to cancel a trip they planned to take over the upcoming holidays. It had cost the couple more than $1,800 and Jim felt that money would be better spent on household bills.

However, when Jim called to get a refund from JetBlue, he says they would only give him a credit for the tickets. And when he asked to speak to a supervisor, Jim says, "I was on hold for 45 minutes before the line went dead."

That's when he called the I-Team's Call For Action.

"I felt there should be a little more fairness on JetBlue's part," Jim told WBZ.

And when the I-Team contacted JetBlue. They agreed.

They told WBZ in a statement:

"After reviewing with our internal team, we have issued this customer a full refund for the tickets…We do extend our deepest condolences to him and his family during this time."

Jim was surprised by JetBlue's turnaround, "I felt there was little chance of getting my money back. But with Call For Action's efforts, I was able to get the money back quickly."

Most airlines do allow refunds when ticketed a passenger dies. The companies will even return your money on non-refundable tickets when you send proof of the passenger's passing.

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