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JetBlue Park's Green Monster Not Same Size As Fenway's

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Watching the footage of Tim Wakefield's and Jason Varitek's retirement press conferences, there were times where an average viewer may not have immediately noticed that they were taking place at JetBlue Park in Florida, rather than Fenway Park in Boston. The Red Sox' new spring training home was built to the exact specifications of Fenway Park ... or so we all thought.

As reported by the Boston Herald's Steve Buckley on Friday, Red Sox owner John Henry revealed that the Floridian Green Monster is actually three feet taller than its 37-foot counterpart in Massachusetts.

"A head will roll," Henry said, according to Buckley's Twitter account. "It's disappointing."

Of course, even without breaking out the tape measure, the new Green Monster in Fort Myers is visibly different than the one in Boston. The JetBlue Park Monster has seats not just on top of the wall but also inside the wall, giving fans a never-before-seen perspective, so a few feet here or there isn't likely to ruin much for anyone.

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