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Jerry York Officially Says Goodbye To Boston College Hockey

BOSTON (CBS) -- Jerry York has spent 50 years coaching college hockey, 28 of them at his alma mater, Boston College. On Tuesday, he officially said goodbye to the sport and the school that's been a part of him for so long.

"This particular year, it just came to me," York said in an interview with WBZ's Dan Roche. "I said this is it. So I just kind of woke up, and had a cup of coffee and thought this is a time to stop and hand the reigns over, and I felt really good about it."

York spoke at a press conference on campus on Tuesday, one week after the school announced his retirement. Known for his integrity, character and work ethic -- as well as his multiple championships and record-setting number of victories -- York said he will miss the people he worked alongside.

"I'll miss hockey, but I'll miss more importantly the relationships I had every day here," York said.

York -- who graduated from B.C. High in 1963 and Boston College in 1967 -- was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2019, under the "Builder" category. He led the Eagles to four national championships, and also won a national title with Bowling Green in 1984.

After spending countless days and hours at the rink for so long, York doesn't have an exact plan for what comes next.

"I love this saying -- there's an old Jewish saying that man makes all these elaborate plans, and then God just laughs. So we can map out, hey, here's what we're gonna do over the next 10 years, but who knows?" York said. "I want to just wake up every day and be excited about the day coming, and let's see what happens."

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