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Fugitive Arraigned In 2011 Double Murder

BOSTON (CBS) -- A man charged with murdering two sisters in Dorchester six years ago is scheduled to be arraigned Friday.

Stephanie Emile, 21, and Judith Emile, 23, were found dead in their Harlem Street apartment on November  14, 2011. Police say they shot in the back of the head and in the forehead, respectively.

Jean Weevins Janvier
Jean Weevens Janvier in court on June 30, 2017 (WBZ-TV)

35-year-0ld Jean Weevens Janvier was indicted in 2012 for two counts of first-degree murder in connection to their deaths.

Investigators believe that Janvier and Stephanie Emile had dated but were broken up.

Stephanie and Judith Emile (Courtesy photos)

Prosecutors in court said it there are text messages to support that Janvier could have committed murder out of anger.

"Sometime in the three to fours weeks leading up to the murders, Mr. Janvier discovered that Ms. Emile was involved with a new individual and the evidence suggests that Mr. Janvier was upset by this," said prosecutors.

Investigators at the time said they also found the gun that was used to kill the women in the apartment. A two-year-old was found alive in the apartment when police arrived at the scene.

Jean Weevens Janvier
Police used this photo of Jean Weevens Janvier to search for him in 2012. (Photo from Boston Police)

According to the U.S. Marshal Service, Janvier could have fled Massachusetts shortly after the murders.

He was arrested in Haiti at the beginning of June.

"He looked like he didn't give any care in the world and he acted like he was innocent and he didn't commit a crime," Miralda Emile, the victims' sister said about seeing Janvier in court Friday.

"It's been tough, but I'm glad that we are here today, I'm glad he's caught," she added. "Basically we just have to move forward to seek justice for my sisters."

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