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Jayson Tatum Says He'd Trade Himself For Anthony Davis

BOSTON (CBS) -- Anthony Davis trade rumors are not going to go away. And chances are the Pelicans star will be linked to the Boston Celtics until he either becomes a Celtic, is traded to another team, or the NBA ceases to exist.

That first option cannot happen this year, thanks to the NBA's Rose Rule (unless Kyrie Irving is part of Boston's trade package, but don't expect that to happen). Option B could happen this season, but the Pelicans would probably be better off waiting for Danny Ainge to join the mix to drive up their asking price for Davis. As for the NBA going away, well that wouldn't be much fun for anyone.

So that means we'll likely have another six-plus months of internet general managers rocking the trade machine. When it comes to the Celtics, one name you probably won't see in many of those fantasyland trades is Jayson Tatum, who has become as close to untouchable as one can get for green teamers. And rightfully so; Tatum has followed up his incredible rookie season with a strong sophomore campaign in the NBA, and looks to be one of the most promising young scorers in the league.

Danny Ainge would be crazy to trade that kind of young talent, even for a player of Davis' caliber, right? Tatum doesn't think so.

Appearing on the "Celtics Beat" podcast with Adam Kaufman, Celtics broadcaster Cedric Maxwell told a story from last year when Tatum's father had a bone to pick with the C's radio analyst.

"You said you'd trade my son for Anthony Davis.' And I said, 'And?' And he said, 'Well, I probably would trade him too if he wasn't my son,'" Max recalled.

When Maxwell then brought that story to Tatum, the youngin' also agreed.

"Yeah, I'd trade me, too, for Anthony Davis," Tatum told Max (courtesy of NBC Sports Boston).

If the Pelicans ever make Davis available, and the Celtics are no longer handcuffed by some random NBA rule, you better believe Ainge will be ready to ship whatever they have to down to New Orleans to get "The Brown" in Boston.

Will that package include Tatum? We have to wait a few months to find out, but the 20-year-old already sounds prepared to hear his name in trade rumors when that time comes.

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