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Here's a look back at the Boston Celtics in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest

BOSTON -- Jaylen Brown may be showing off his high-flying act at this year's NBA Dunk Contest during All-Star weekend. It's been a while since Celtics fans got to cheer on one of their own during the Saturday night extravaganza.

Brown is reportedly "seriously considering" throwing his name into the competition, and would thus be throwing down some serious jams on Feb. 18 in Indiana. He'd be just the fifth Celtics player to partake in the dunk contest, and the first one to do so since Gerald Green in 2007.

Since the Dunk Contest started in 1984, only two Celtics players have slammed their way to a trophy: Green in 2007 and Dee Brown in 1991. Here's a look back at those special moments for the Celtics, and a few others that didn't really get off the ground.

Dee Brown, 1991

Brown, 22, pumped up his Reebok pumps and then fired up the crowd in Charlotte on his way to the 1991 Slam Dunk title. 

He beat out certified rim-rocker Shawn Kemp in the finals, throwing down one of the most memorable dunks in Dunk Contest history: His no-look, left-handed jam that earned him a 49.6 from the judges. 

Dee Brown - 1991 NBA Slam Dunk Contest (Champion) by Ryan Van Dusen on YouTube

You'd be hard-pressed to find a Boston kid in the '90s that didn't own a pair of Reebok pumps. They were awesome, even if they didn't come with a guarantee that you could dunk a basketball.

Greg Minor, 1996

Minor played five seasons with Boston, and was in the dunk contest in his second season in Green. He made it to the finals with some high-flying dunks, but he ended up  coming in third behind Michael Finley and Brent Barry (the '96 dunk contest champ). 

Greg Minor - 1996 NBA Slam Dunk Contest by Ryan Van Dusen on YouTube

Ricky Davis, 2004

Ricky Davis was one unique individual. He wasn't always the best teammate, but boy could that dude give you a highlight (or lowlight) any time he touched the ball.

He earned a spot in the 2004 NBA Dunk Contest, but Davis struggled to put the ball through the rim. He didn't have a replacement dunk -- basically a mulligan -- and was eliminated after failing to slam home a between-the-legs attempt in the second round.

Ricky Davis - 2004 NBA Slam Dunk Contest by Ryan Van Dusen on YouTube

Gerald Green, 2007

Green wowed the crowd with his first dunk of the night. He got an assist from Paul Pierce, who sent a pass off the side of the backboard and Green took care of the rest. He received a 48 from the judges -- Michael Jordan and Dr. J gave him 9's while everyone else gave Green a perfect 10 -- but a perfect score was not far away.

For his second dunk, Green switched out his No. 5 jersey for a No. 7 Dee Brown Celtics throwback, and threw it back to Brown's winning slam in 1991. He put on a pair of pumps, pumped those puppies up, and then delivered his own no-look jam with his own twist: He dunked over the previous year's dunk champ, Nate Robinson.

Green was originally going to dunk over a cardboard cutout of Robinson, but Robinson (who was also participating in the event) was happy to volunteer for the on-court fun.

That obviously sent Green to the finals, where he took on Robinson. His first dunk in the final round was OK, with Pierce lobbing a pass from behind the backboard, but Green won his dunk crown with an emphatic windmill slam after jumping over a table. That earned him a perfect 50 from the judges and made him the 2007 NBA Dunk Contest champion.

Gerald Green - 2007 NBA Dunk Contest (Champion) by Ryan Van Dusen on YouTube

Green was also in the Dunk Contest in 2008, after being traded to the Timberwolves in the Kevin Garnett blockbuster the summer prior, but finished second after Dwight Howard literally turned into Superman in the competition. 

But he definitely could have -- nay, should have -- won with an incredible dunk where he blew out a candle in a cupcake on the back of the rim.

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