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Teen Held Without Bail In Stoughton Murder

STOUGHTON (CBS) - Hiding behind a door, Jaylen Wallace of Stoughton faced a judge Monday. The 17-year-old is being charged with murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old Christian Vines of Randolph.

In court, Christian's mother wiped away tears. "When they found Mr. Vines they found him unresponsive in the driver's seat, he was found shot," the prosecutor said.

Prosecutors said last month Wallace and Vines met each other at 31 Jones Terrace in Stoughton. Investigators said surveillance cameras, GPS phone tracking and witnesses place Wallace at the scene of the crime.

Stoughton Shooting
Police investigate fatal shooting on Jones Terrace in Stoughton (WBZ-TV)

The family said the two apparently knew each other through social media. "There was a Snapchat conversation between Vines and the defendant Jaylan Wallace. The victim indicates he had something called root beer float and strawberry sorbet," the prosecutor said.

Video surveillance from the public library shows Wallace trying to get into Vines car, moments later he pulls out a gun. Vines was taken to hospital but did not survive. Police did find marijuana in his vehicle.

"There were two bags. One labeled strawberry sorbet the other labeled root beer float and each containing marijuana," the prosecutor said.

Outside the courthouse Vines' family said they are glad Wallace is locked up but it won't bring back their son. "We never lost anybody in this family to murder this is a shock to us," uncle Bruce Fisher said.

Christian Vines
Christian Vines (Family Photo)

Annette Vines can't believe her son is gone. "He's a wonderful son. I miss him and I want justice for him," Vines said.

Vines graduated Avon High School this summer. His sister accepted the diploma in his honor. "We were honored to do that for him and proud of him. He should have been there of course," Christian's sister Nikyla Vines said.

Wallace is being held without bail. He's due back in court on Sept 17 for probable cause hearing.

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