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Jay Talking Travel: Corniglia, Italy

The Cinque Terre region of Italy is comprised of five tiny towns within a couple of miles of each other, so close together they could all be visited in a day. All have great views, but my favorite high angle sea view is in Corniglia. The walk from the train station is formidable and one can choose to take stairs to the top, of the more circuitous and knee friendly roadway. Trust me, take the road. The diminutive square at the top has a small market that had the largest lemon I have ever seen. It was freakishIy huge. I am a person into winding alleys and Corniglia is flush with such passageways. One these opens onto a very high balcony with a panoramic view that includes both flanking towns and about 200 degrees of horizon. I spent most of my time here staring at the sea and try sponge up some solar vitamin D.

There are a couple of good restaurants in Corniglia and a server convinced me to try the octopus. Whoa! The taste was good, but chewing on suction cups is disconcerting. The wine here is pretty spectacular, providing a big bang for the buck.

Enjoy the video.

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