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Jake Bailey Is No Match For Windy Conditions In Buffalo

BOSTON (CBS) -- Jake Bailey is one of the NFL's best punters. But not even he could do much against the strong winds that Mother Nature threw at the Patriots and the Bills during their Monday Night Football showdown in Buffalo.

Bailey is known for his booming kicks, but with the strong winds coming at him in the first quarter, the Pro Bowler's big leg wasn't able to do much of anything on his second punt of the game.

After New England's second three-and-out, Bailey sent a kick high into the wintery night in Orchard Park. The wind sent it back, as the ball went out of bounds at the New England 40 after just 15 yards.

Yeah, it's windy in Buffalo, with winds blowing 25-35 MPH -- and upwards of 55 MPH. Bailey's 15-yard punt was New England's shortest since a 13-yard punt by Chris Hansen in 2007.

With the Patriots heading into the wind to start the game, the team didn't even attempt to throw a pass on their first two possessions. The Pats quickly went three-and-out on both possessions.


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