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Jacoby Brissett Is Already A Perfect Patriot

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- The Patriots' offensive rookies stepped onto the Gillette Stadium turf on Wednesday and spoke to reporters for the first time as official professional football players.

While we won't know how they'll acclimate on the field, it's clear that quarterback Jacoby Brissett has already made the full adjustment to being a member of the New England Patriots.

For as much as the Patriots organization is all about excelling and executing on the field, the team is quite well-known for having players that really don't say much at all to the media. And on that front, Brissett might already be ready to be a team captain.

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Below is a transcript of Brissett's five-plus minute meeting with reporters. It is a masterpiece in Patriots theater, and it clearly shows why Bill Belichick liked him enough to draft him in the third round of this year's draft.

(All mentions of "learning" appear in bold, in order to really drive home the point that Brissett can say the same thing for as long as people can ask him questions.)

Q: What are your first impressions so far…

Jacoby Brissett: "It's beautiful. Excited to be here. Just a great opportunity."

Q: New things to learn …

JB: "It's just a great organization, a great team, and it's an honor to be a part of this organization."

Q: What's your mind-set?

JB: "To learn as much as I can."

Q: What's it like having college teammate Joe Thuney around?

JB: "It's awesome, being around him again, and to get around these new teammates, too."

Q: Do you two have common traits coming from same program that appealed to the Patriots?

JB: "They found something in both of us that they liked."

Q: Has it been what you've expected so far early on?

JB: "It's been a great experience, learning every day. I'm just excited to be here."

Q: Belichick said rookies have no idea what they're in for. Any surprises so far?

JB: "It's just been a great opportunity for all of us, to get around this team and this organization and see why they do so well."

Q: How much are you looking forward to developing under Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo?

JB: "They're great. They're teaching me a lot now and [I'll] just continue to learn from them and be the best player I can."

Q: What are some of the words of wisdom from Tom?

JB: "Like I said, just learning as much as I can from him, observing him, and watching him and Jimmy and coach [Josh] McDaniels as they go through the things."

Q: Have you noticed anything from Tom Brady as far as what you want to learn from him?

JB: "Just the way he carries himself, and obviously he's a great player. But I'm just excited to have this opportunity to learn from him."

Q: How about learning from Bill, and from Josh?

JB: "Definitely. They're great coaches and I'm excited to be a part of the organization and get to learning."

Q: Do you see yourself as being in competition with Tom and Jimmy?

JB: "I'm a rookie. I just got here. So I'm just trying to learn as much as I can, and when my chance comes, it comes."

Q: When you're working with the other rookies, do you feel  as a quarterback, is there any part of you that takes a leadership role?

JB: "Definitely, but we're all still learning, so we're learning the ins and outs and what we're supposed to do."

Q: How hard has the learning aspect been so far?

JB: "It's been great, because a lot of those guys, they're all learning. It's not like no one has a heads up on each other. So it's been exciting."

Q: You had to learn three different offenses in college. How do you think that can help you here as you transition here?

JB: "It's a great opportunity for me to learn from a great staff and just be a part of an organization and just get better."

Q: Is any part of this overwhelming?

JB: "It's … it's my lifelong dream to be in the NFL. And I'm here, so I'm making the most out of my opportunity and [trying to] learn as much as possible."

Q: Have you learned your way around yet -- the building, the town?

JB: "I figured my way around the building, so that's what matters."

Q: Is Thuney OK? You mentioned that he was going to be the guy that's giving you rides. Is he aware of that?

JB: "He better learn." (laughs)

Q: You played some of your best games against high-profile opponents. What was it about you that allowed you to rise in such moments?

JB: "Just trusting the team, trusting the process of what got me to where I was at that point."

Q: Have you spoken to Bill Parcells at all much, and what kind of wisdom has he given you to get ready for this?

JB: "Right now, just to take it all in and understand that it's a great learning experience, it's a great opportunity to learn from some great people."

Q: With all the people around you -- Parcells, Belichick, McDaniels, Brady -- what kind of things do you sit there and try to take from them to try to make you a better player on a daily basis?

JB: "Learn as much as possible." (laughs)

Q: Do you notice any similarities between Belichick and Parcells?

JB: "They were both coaches here."

Q: Are you going to continue your tradition of baking cookies for your offensive line and your offensive players?

JB: "Uhh … I haven't decided that yet."

Q: What's your specialty?

JB: "It'll depend on the week. It'll depend on what they like."

Q: You're learning, but at the same time you're competing. How would you describe it?

JB: "The whole opportunity is awesome. I couldn't ask for a better opportunity, to be in this organization and to be part of the players that they already have in that room, and to get better."

Q: Have you gone on a crash course in Boston sports? Because this is a pretty serious sports city.

JB: "Yeah, I realize that."

Q: Did [the organization] give you any words of wisdom before you talked to us today?

JB: "Did they give us words of wisdom? 'Be honest.'"

Yup. Bill is going to like this guy.

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