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Items From Hilltop Steakhouse Being Auctioned Off

SAUGUS (CBS) - It was a local landmark for decades, and soon, memorabilia like fiberglass cows and bison heads can be yours. That's because the recently closed Hilltop Steakhouse in Saugus is about to hold a one of a kind auction.

"There's something here for everybody," says John McInnis of McInnis Auctioneers in Amesbury.

Almost everything must go, from the tables and chairs to the ovens and grills to the menus and decorations.

"We've assembled all the decor, all the items that have been used in the restaurant over the years, from day one to current day owners," says McInnis.

It's a walk through restaurant nostalgia and an old-time view of the old West. The 52-year-old Hilltop on Route 1 closed in October, but for the tens of thousands of diners who passed through its' famous doors, the memorabilia is gold.

"The attraction is (that) the Hilltop became an icon. I think everybody has a Hilltop story," says McInnis.

All the kitchen equipment is on the block, but the coolest items are what people who enjoyed the Hilltop remember.

"We have the brother to the baby cow that was stolen, but this one has never been outside because we just found it in the corner of the basement. We have a lot of the original wall decor, paintings, prints, a lot of western art, but one of my favorite things to find in here is the cigar store Indian statues. You can buy a sign for $100 or a cow for $1,000, whatever it may bring. The sky's the limit with the auction," says auctioneer McInnis.

The auction will be held at the Hilltop on Saturday, Dec. 14th with a preview the day before. The morning auction is for the kitchen equipment, the afternoon auction (which starts at 2 p.m.) is for all that memorabilia. You might be wondering about the cows that stood outside the restaurant for so many years, well they've already been sold to long time customers. One final note: if you buy something be prepared to haul it away.

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