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I-Team: Evidence Raises Questions About Carter's Denials

BOSTON (CBS) - It's an allegation of rape uncovered by the I-Team against the top leader of the Massachusetts National Guard.

Adjutant General Joseph Carter denies that he raped Susan Pelletier, who was a young soldier under his command back in 1984.

Carter denies even knowing her, but according to documents obtained by the I-Team, during a 2010 court martial proceeding Colonel Mark Murray testified that he was told that when Joe Carter was first questioned about this in the 80's he said, "Well I hope this doesn't impact me some time in my future."

Despite his denials, Governor Patrick has placed him on leave.

Pelletier says it was a vicious attack.

"It was a very violent episode to go through, very aggressive," she said. "I had blood all over my clothes."

"I remember telling him no and begging and pleading with him to leave me alone. He raped me, he brutally raped me," she added.

The former soldier says she has been haunted by this secret that's been kept under wraps for decades.

Pelletier was at a training mission at Ft. Eglin in Florida when she allegges Carter attacked her on a nearby beach.

Captain Charles Mouris was with Carter and Pelletier on the night in question.

He told the I-Team he remembers Pelletier, but can't discuss the case because he's been questioned by federal investigators.

Pelletier says her life was destroyed by a man and arm of the military she trusted.

"I looked up to these people, I trusted them," she said. "I was raised to trust the government and police and all of that. I was humiliated, I was embarrassed, I kept my head down low."

Carter has known about the investigation since May, but only told state officials when the I-Team began asking questions.

"General Carter told me yesterday he was the subject of a CID investigation and he told the governor he was the subject of a CID investigation,"
Secretary of Public Safety Mary Beth Heffernan said.

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