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It Happens Here: TRILLFIT In Mission Hill Hoping To Be 'Ben & Jerry's Of Fitness'

BOSTON (CBS) – Mission Hill in Boston is a vibrant neighborhood with a vibrant startup business called TRILLFIT.

"TRILLFIT is a boutique fitness studio based here in Boston, expanding all across around the world," co-founder Heather White told WBZ-TV.

She and co-founder Melisa Valdez are hoping to change up the fitness game.

"The wellness industry is a trillion-dollar industry, and people of color only make up 6 percent of the practitioners," said White. "At TRILLFIT, everybody belongs. And the fitness industry has been built on this idea that you have to look a certain way to take these classes or be a certain type of person, and for us, we completely eschew that."

They offer six different classes, in-person or virtual, mostly set to hip-hop music, giving their classes a unique and dynamic feel. And people have responded to TRILLFIT's come-as-you-are philosophy -- with members all over the world.

"We had a quartet of women from Singapore who would come religiously every day," said White. "I think they see the authenticity. I think they see two Black girls trying to do it their way. I think they see that we're taking on an entire industry and showing that something new is possible."

And White says the city of Boston has been integral in helping the possible turn into reality, with support from local politicians and customers. Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley and Mayor Michelle Wu have both visited the company's Mission Hill studio.

"I know that everyone's rooting for TRILLFIT," said White, "I know that folks want to see us win, and they're ready for us to take this next stage and to truly become, as we like to call it, the Ben & Jerry's of fitness."

TRILLFIT already has the one studio in Mission Hill and will soon open one in New York City. The five-year plan is to have studios all over the world.

"Once you start having fun doing an activity, you're going to want to do it again, and that's how you develop routines that become lifestyles," White told WBZ.

Find out more visit their website.

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