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It Happens Here: Wayside Country Store In Marlboro Keeps The Past In The Present

MARLBORO (CBS) – Welcome to Marlborough. Or is it Marlboro? Two spellings for one town can be confusing.

Marlboro is actually a small hamlet in the Town of Marlborough. But don't worry, both spellings are accepted.

In an ode to its roots as major shoe manufacturing town, the seal includes a shoe factory, shoe box and boots.


It was a favorite rest stop for many travelers including George Washington who visited the Williams Tavern after his inauguration in 1789.

And just one year after that, a tourist hot spot was built. And there, you can still find almost anything.

The Wayside Country Store sits in Marlboro now, but it used to be in Sudbury Center until Henry Ford bought it and moved it in 1929.

"He cut it in half and moved it here by oxen," Chris Scerra said.

And inside, not much has changed over the past 100 years. The store is filled with anything you could ever need, plus things you don't need.

Owner Debbie Eager makes sure of that.

"We like to keep some of it old fashioned and we have a lot of antiques in the store," Eager said.

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Wayside Country Store owner Debbie Eager. (WBZ-TV)

Eager's mom worked at the store for years and loved it so much she bought it. Then years later, Debbie loved it so much that she bought it from her mother.

"I love to come to work I work 6-7 days a week, sometimes lots of hours. It's just me," Eager said.

But Debbie's sweet spot? The old-school penny candy counter.

Debbie and her bother Chris say keeping the past in the present is important.

A mash up of everything old and new is offered by a family business that runs on pure love and nostalgia.

"Oh I just love it. It's a lot of fun. We have a blast here and I love meeting new people," Scerra said.

To learn more about the Wayside Country Store visit their website.

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