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Isaiah Thomas: Celtics' Future Is Bright; Hopefully We Can Make It Brighter

BOSTON (CBS) -- Isaiah Thomas has made a huge impact for the Celtics on the court, and this offseason, he is hoping to do the same off of it.

Thomas has been active in trying to get other star players to Boston, chatting with the likes of Kevin Durant and Jimmy Butler in hopes of convincing them to join in on the fun he's experienced the last two seasons. The C's point guard is ready to put on a full-court press with free agency set to begin at midnight tonight.

"I'm trying to do my part in getting guys here and trying to take this team to the next level. Hopefully we can make something happen this summer," Thomas told Johnston & Flynn (filling in for Toucher & Rich) on 98.5 The Sports Hub on Thursday morning.

Thomas isn't sure if he'll be part of Boston's team heading to the Hamptons this weekend to try to convince Durant to don green, but he has been selling the city hard to the seven-time All Star.

"Casual talk but also some talk about Boston as well. I'm trying to do my part in getting guys here and taking this team to the next level. Hopefully we can make something happen this summer," said Thomas.

If he does end up on Long Island for Saturday's meeting with Durant, Thomas said it won't be hard to sell coming to the Celtics.

"First and foremost, the city is amazing. The people in the city are amazing. The love they show you if you give it your all every night, on top of winning and possibly winning a championship, you'll be loved forever in one of the best cities there is," said Thomas. "I can just keep it real with him. I know everyone is going to try to show him the world and give him everything, but I'm going to just keep it real and let him know that the history and culture here is something you should want to be a part of.

"Getting Banner 18 here is something that the fans and the world will remember forever," he said. "Hopefully I can give him a good sales pitch and we can make something happen and get him in a Celtics uniform."

Thomas said Bostons fans' passion for their basketball team is evident to other players around the league, but until you experience it you don't know just how amazing it really is.

"If you're a basketball fan you know about the tradition and history. Until you get here, put on a Celtics jersey and walk around the city, you don't understand how different it is than any other city in the NBA. These fans are unbelievable. You can ask other opponents, and they say they love playing in Boston. The games are exciting and the fans are crazy," he said. "[Durant] is a basketball historian so he knows about Boston. I somehow have to get him here so he really sees it."

Thomas senses there's been a shift in how other players view the Celtics, with Boston becoming an intriguing destination.

"Every player I talk to always asks about Brad Stevens and asks about the Celtics. They say they love watching us play because we all play so hard," he continued. "It seems like no one has any hidden agendas and everyone loves playing with each other. That's the vibe I get from other players around the NBA, and it's all positive. I try to sprinkle my stuff on there and tell them how great it is, but most players know. They know when something good is happening in other cities. The future is bright here, and hopefully we can make it even brighter."

You can meet Thomas and get some free ice cream Thursday afternoon at Faneuil Hall between noon and 3pm.

Thomas also discussed his lottery night chat with Chicago Bulls star Jimmy Butler, Boston's interest in Dwight Howard and his message to Celtics free agent Evan Turner.

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