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"It was unbelievable," Young reporter thrilled to cover Patriots training camp

Young reporter hits Bill Belichick with tough questions
Young reporter hits Bill Belichick with tough questions 02:02

FOXBORO - As a reporter, tackling a Bill Belichick press availability isn't easy, unless you're a kid reporter from a network in New York City.

Isaac Lebowitz, 14, from NBC Nightly News Kids Edition, got to ask the Patriots head coach questions about team bonding and birthdays.

"Learning about your teammates, whether that's sitting with them at dinner, whether that's doing trivia," Belichick responded to the rising ninth grader. "We've had a bunch of birthdays so we try to recognize those. We had Henry Anderson yesterday, (Kendrick Bourne) today."

Isaac's day covering the Patriots was just the beginning, as he got unprecedented access to the stadium.

"I got to see Robert Kraft, the most friendly guy I ever met," Isaac said. "He took me down into the trophy room. I got to see Devin McCourty, I got to play catch with Kendrick Bourne. It was unbelievable."

Isaac and his family are New Yorkers, but his dad is a Boston diehard.

"We live in New York City but I raised my kids right, they're diehard New England fans all around," Isaac's father said.

When asked if he wanted to be a television reporter for a living, Isaac said maybe when he's older. "Day one was good," he said.

To use a Belichick phrase, if Isaac can stack days like Thursday on top of each other, he'll be well on his way to becoming a great reporter.

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