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Is It The Red Sox Line-Up....Or Dress Rehearsal for Swamp People ?

I don't know if there's any good reason for it.......there could be and I just haven't heard what is.........but what the heck is going on with the bearded Boston Red Sox players?  Yes I know we've had a history of unkempt slobs playing for the Red Sox over the years.....not the least of which knucklehead Manny Ramirez, (a slob from the top of his head to the bottom of his shoes) but this whole bearded thing going on in 2013 is really stupid looking....if not just stupid.    Honest to God, I've been to the swamp in Florida where they shoot the TV show "Gator Boys" and some of the folks there look like they're right out of GQ magazine compared to the vast majority of Red Sox players.   The show "Swamp People" may come in a close second when it comes to sartorial splendor.

There are a lot of weird traditions when it comes to proper attire for professional baseball teams, but this is getting ridiculous.    Nothing is quite as ridiculous as having the managers, some of whom are senior citizens with Sumo wrestler waistlines, chuggin' back 'n forth in the dugout in full uniform.    For he goin' into the game as a pinch-runner to steal a base or two?       I remember a lot of people used to criticize George Steinbrenner when he insisted that none of his players would have long hair blowing in the wind and absolutely no facial hair below the mouth.   Remember when Johnny Damon was traded to the Yankees....looking like Jesus.... and he was forced to get a haircut and shave before he could wear the pinstripes of the Yankees?     GOOD for Steinbrenner......."look like a damn baseball player....professional baseball players...not like someone who just stepped out of the swamp lookin' for gators."

The Red Sox have never been known for their physical appearances.....on or off the field.  The beards are one thing but the way some of them wear their uniform is another. Baggy pants, pulled down at the bottom to their shoetops...(no red socks showing).  Put the mountain-man shaggy beard on top of that and you've got one unattractive specimen standing there.   For the first time ever I'm told, Manager John Farrell has instituted a dress code for road trips.....players actually have to wear suit jackets when travelling (great idea) but once on the field, he's following the tradition of predecessors, such as Terry Francona...dress anyway you want,    It seems there should be some rules and uniformity to a TEAM..     Have a little respect for your teammates and host city and don't  try to mimic ZZ Top.....or The Gator Boys for that matter.

I'll tell ya what......hang onto first place and ignore everything I said above.

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