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Report Finds Boston Latin School Teachers, Students Violated Policy

BOSTON (CBS) - An investigation of Boston Latin School has found more than a dozen cases of racism. School officials, teachers, administrators and students all violated school policy, the report found.

The investigation examined alleged incidents inside the school and cyber-bullying online.

The report follows an initial investigation completed back in February, which was launched after months of controversy, and ended in the resignation of Boston Latin Headmaster Lynne Mooney Teta and Assistant Headmaster Malcolm Flynn in June.

Now the results of a far-reaching, more comprehensive review into racially charged allegations dating back to the 2012 school year have been released.

The district's Equity Office investigated 115 reports of race-based incidents. Of those, it identified 17 instances where district policy was not followed.

In six of those cases, administrators were found not to have followed policy. Teachers and substitutes didn't follow policy in four cases, according to the report.

And in seven cases, students were found not to have followed district policy.

Thirty one allegations were not formally investigated because the office of equity felt they lacked sufficient evidence.

All of this comes amid a federal investigation into accusations of harassment and discrimination at the prestigious school.

Recommendations include many changes the district says have already been implemented. The changes are designed to work toward increasing diversity and opportunities at all of the district's three exam schools.

Malcolm Flynn says many of the changes taking place were planned by Lynn Mooney Teta. "She spent a lot of time in the spring coming up with an action plan for the school, ways of getting teacher training, ways of getting teacher student working together and so forth," Flynn told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

"And I think a lot of the insight recommendations parallel some of the things she was talking about getting done anyway. So, this could have all been done without the trauma of the headmaster's resignation and my resignation."

Flynn says he has "no beef" with Boston Latin and blames the school department and the city for what happened this year.

"Any time Boston Latin School needs me, all they have to do is make a call, whatever it's for," Flynn said. "I have no beef with Boston Latin School, my beef has been with the school department and the city for the lack of support."

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Jon MacLean with Malcolm Flynn

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