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It Happens Here: Hanover Woman Making Dresses to Hide Insulin Pumps

HANOVER (CBS) - It Happens Here, in Hanover. Originally part of Scituate, this South Shore community is largely residential and was once home to boxing champion "Marvelous" Marvin Hagler. Hanover's early economy was centered around farming and ship building, and local craftsmen are believed to have supplied anchors for the U.S.S. Constitution.

Today, the more delicate craft of fashion design is taking over one corner of Hanover, where a local seamstress is addressing a big issue for little girls who are living with diabetes.

Under the guidance of a seasoned master tailor, former police officer Julie Christian started a second career learning how to sew. She dreamed of making beautiful suits for women, but that all changed one day last summer.

"I did a show at the Cohasset arts center... and a little girl stepped into my life," she said.

That girl was 10-year-old Julia Looker of Cohasset. She is a type-1 diabetic and had one question for Julie.

"I asked if she could make me a dress customized for a diabetic pump," Julia explained.

Julie gladly accepted the challenge. She made a beautiful floral dress with a pocket to hide the pump, which is about the size of a deck of cards. There is a hole along the waist seam where Julia can feed the pump wire through to an attachment on her leg that feeds the insulin to a port that goes into her skin.

"It's really convenient. I like it a lot," she said.

Normally Julie would have to wear a pair of shorts under a dress to hold the pump. When wearing pants without pockets, she has to find some place to attach the device.

It wasn't long after making the dress for Julia when other moms of diabetic girls started contacting Julie to make dresses for their daughters.

"I felt as though my job was accomplished. It wasn't women's suiting as i anticipated, it was a whole different idea," Julie said.

"I think it's really cool because nobody else really does this," Julia said.

If you are interested in contacting Julie about a special insulin pump dress, you can email her at

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