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Inflation forcing turkey farms to raise prices to record highs this Thanksgiving

Turkey prices setting record highs
Turkey prices setting record highs 02:19

LANCASTER - Turkey prices are setting record highs this year, but a locally owned farm is trying to help you save this Thanksgiving.

Bob's Turkey Farm in Lancaster is busy, even though across the country turkey prices are flying high.

Susan Miner, who runs the farm with her brother Rich says they plan to sell more than 3,000 turkeys this Thanksgiving.

"The stress level is way up. The feed prices are way up," she said.

At the farm they breed and process their birds. But this year they know their profit margin will not be as plump as the turkeys they sell out of their stores.

"Fuel charges on everything that's coming in. We did not raise our prices as high as we are paying," she said.

Miner's daughter Jennifer Brezniak says the challenge is finding the balance between surviving and serving their customers.

"They've been super supportive," she said. "We were so worried about cost increases and us having to increase prices."

When it comes to inflation, Bob's Turkey Farm says one of the biggest costs has been feeding these turkeys. As a result, they had to raise their prices.

Prices at Bob's Turkey Farm. CBS Boston

"Last year was $3.79 [a pound], this year it's $4.99," Brezniak said. "That's the biggest jump I think we've ever taken since 1954."

Another cost they had to incur is extra safety measures they put in place to protect against the bird flu, which has wiped out millions of turkeys across the country. Fortunately here they've had zero issues. 

"I think it's always a concern. We definitely went into higher biosecurity protocols," Brezniak said. "But I think we're smaller, we have the ability to protect our flock."

Linda Wesley from Ayer comes back every year to the farm to get her Thanksgiving turkey. But even she admits that this year inflation has her closely watching what she and her husband spend. 

"Since we're retired it's been difficult but you've got to do what you've got to do," she said. "Their turkeys are wonderful."

Brezniak said it's amazing to see something that your family has built be appreciated and loved by other people. 

"I think we realized that community is everything all the time and the people who are coming here are invested in us," she said.

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