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I-Team: Family Of Framingham Woman Murdered In 2001 Demands Answers From DA

BOSTON (CBS) - Jennifer Case was just 14 years old when her mom Karen Marchioni was stabbed to death in her home. It happened at about 11 a.m. on October 8, 2001.

Karen, who struggled with substance abuse, was living on Nelson Street in Framingham when she was brutally attacked. The 41-year-old mother fought for her life and managed to call 911 for help. She died two hours later at the hospital.

Jennifer tells the I-Team looking at the jewelry her mother was wearing that day, reminds her of the fear her mother must have felt at the time. "Got these back from the police," Jennifer said about the ring and bracelet. "The necklace it was broken off," Jennifer said. "Her hair is still in it, it's awful."

Shortly after the murder, police identified a suspect. But that person was never arrested or charged. Since then nearly 20 years have passed.

Karen's cousin Christine Rogers Pelletier said the two grew up together. She visits her grave often just to tell her the family hasn't given up and is angry that the Middelesex County District Attorney hasn't done more to catch Karen's killer.

"They should try harder," Christine said. "As far as we are concerned they're not because we haven't heard from them. We have heard nothing. I'm not hopeful. I'd like to see it solved."

Jennifer too tells the I-Team it has been years since she has heard from investigators.

"Obviously so upsetting because it is my mom," Jennifer said. "Upsetting this could happen and nothing done about it. It's pretty clear they see her as a drug addict and lesser than."

Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan declined our request for an interview and in a statement said this about Karen's case:

"Our office remains committed to solving the murder of Karen Marchioni Henderson. Since the time of her death we have pursued multiple leads and forensic testing. Despite these efforts, this case remains uncharged. Losing a parent under these circumstances is an unimaginable tragedy. As her family continues to mourn this loss, we will remain in contact with them and we commend them as they tirelessly pursue the efforts in the case. We will, of course, continue to follow up on any and all information in this case and we urge anyone with any information about what happened to Karen to contact us."

Jennifer still believes someone knows who killed her mother, and shared with WBZ videos of the two of them together along with some of the beautiful cards and letters her mom wrote to her.

"This one says happy Valentine's Day to the one I love the most…you're funny sweet cool and totally awesome. I want people to see her as a mom and the amazing person that she was and it's not OK that we don't have answers."

The Middlesex County District attorney also told WBZ that forensic testing was done in 2019, but would not comment on the results to protect the integrity of the investigation. There is an advocate assigned to the case that has been the point of contact for more than one family member.

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