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I-Team Investigation Results In New Charges For Drunk Driver Who Killed Young Mother

DEDHAM (CBS) - After a months-long investigation by the WBZ-TV I-Team, the man responsible for killing 27-year-old Christine Griffiths back in 2001 is now facing new charges.

Griffiths' family clutched her photo in Dedham District Court as William Foley Jr. was handcuffed and ordered to pay $500 bail. This time, the charge of operating after his license was revoked for drunk driving, was the direct result of an I-Team investigation.

Last fall I-Team cameras caught the five-time drunk driver from Dedham behind the wheel on three separate occasions. Prosecutors outlined what Dedham Police did when they saw the I-Team's report. "WBZ 4 investigator Cheryl Fiandaca, they had video of Mr. Foley operating on October 15, October 29, and November 5, 2021," a prosecutor said.

Chief Investigative Reporter Cheryl Fiandaca caught up with Foley after he posted bail and was released. "Mr. Foley, can we just talk to you about what happened in court?" she asked. "He doesn't have any comment right now," answered Foley's attorney, John Gibbons.

But Foley did speak with the I-Team back in November after our cameras caught him driving without a license. "Can I ask why you are driving," Fiandaca asked. "No, you may not," he answered. He later claimed the Registry of Motor Vehicles had granted him a restricted license. But the RMV said that was not true.

Foley has made a couple of attempts to get his license back in the past, but the registry refused to give it to him. In court, Gibbons told the judge that he recently tried again just before the pandemic hit. "However, during COVID, he had not had the opportunity to have a hearing," he said.

Christine Griffiths' family says they will never agree to Foley getting a license to drive. The night he killed her, police say his blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit.

Michaela, who is a college student, was just wo years old when her mother died. "This was my first time seeing him, so I just saw a person who ruined my life," Michaela said.

Griffiths' mother is grateful Foley is off the road again but admits seeing him in court again is painful. "Every time we do this, he just takes a little piece of my heart some more," she said.

Foley is due back in court in June. The judge ordered that he not drive while the case is pending. Prosecutors say if Foley is caught driving, his bail could be revoked and he could spend up to 90 days in jail.

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