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I-Team's Call For Action Helps Lynn Couple Get Travel Credit From Expedia

LYNN (CBS) - Deborah Lewis loves to travel with her husband Richard and now that they are both vaccinated, she's eager to go on vacation. The couple told the I-Team they had credit on the travel website Expedia from a canceled Aruba trip back in 2019.

Deborah says, when she went to book her airline tickets and clicked on use credit, it said she had to call.

"I spoke with someone and they told me they couldn't find anything and that they would have to call someone, and they'd call back," she explained. "This went on for a couple of weeks. Finally, they told me I would have to call JetBlue. I was on hold with JetBlue for well over three hours. No lie."

Deborah says JetBlue told her it had no record of her booking and the problem was with Expedia.

So it was back to the phone. Deborah says she spent well over 20-25 hours trying to get answers but never got through to anyone who was able to find her credit.

That's when Deborah reached out to the I-Team's Call For Action and after we contacted Expedia, the company said it made a mistake.

"Upon researching, we found that we provided the wrong information on our site in terms of the expiration date of her flight credits," Expedia told the I-Team. "Since we made an error here, we are happy to refund the flights."

Our cameras were rolling when Expedia called Deborah to give her the good news. "I was getting the run around constantly. I would have ended up just giving up and I think that's probably what Expedia was hoping that eventually I would just give up. I do not believe without WBZ's help I would have gotten my money."

Booking with third party travel sites can be confusing when it comes to finding out who's responsible for providing a credit or refund. Many companies say cancellation policies are at the discretion of the airline. Best advice is to ask in advance about individual polices and be sure to print a copy of any refunds or credits you get.

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