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It Happens Here: Hyde Park Mom Leads New Digital Radio Station Spark FM

HYDE PARK (CBS) - Hyde Park, established in 1660, became a hub for paper and cotton manufacturing in the 18th century. It was home to the first all African-American Army unit, the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, made famous in the movie Glory.

It's not fame, but something far more personal that drives Danielle Johnson and her team at their new start up. The 37-year-old mom from Hyde Park is not only a radio host, she's the founder of the brand new digital station Spark FM, launched in 2020.

Spark FM
Spark FM. (WBZ-TV)

"Let's build something for us, by us and grow it to be as big as we possibly can," she told WBZ-TV.

Her mission was simple - serve the Black and Caribbean communities in Boston in a way not done before.

"Being hyper-focused gave us a chance to really, kind of penetrate the exact community that we were living in. The goal is to really kind of position ourselves as the cornerstone of Black Boston media," Johnson said.

From music and talk, to politics and business, Spark FM is already gaining traction with a morning team that is part family. They are funny, dynamic and very energetic.

Danielle Johnson
Danielle Johnson at Spark FM. (WBZ-TV)

"We get really great support and our staff is dedicated and passionate about entertainment and curation and content," Johnson said.

They now have a 40-person staff and they air 27 live shows.

To listen to Spark FM, visit their website,

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