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'It's Terrifying': With Hurricane Ida Approaching Louisiana, Brookline Woman Fears For Relatives Down South

BROOKLINE (CBS) -- Hurricane Ida is moving through the Gulf of Mexico on Saturday and might get stronger before making landfall.

Mandatory evacuations have been implemented across parts of the Gulf Coast, as some states begin to prepare for the storm.

President Joe Biden issued a warning on Saturday to Louisiana residents to take the storm seriously.

"Ida just turned it into a very, very dangerous storm. I need not tell you this. I just got another briefing from the Hurricane Center, as you know it's now heading straight for, right toward Louisiana," President Biden said.

Quite a few people who live in Massachusetts are worried about loved ones down south, as they either evacuate or brace for the coming storm.

Jessica Morrison, who currently lives in Brookline, says she fears for her family back in her home state of Louisiana.

"It's terrifying," she said. "My grandparents are in their early 90s. Their house is a brick, but their house is 70 years old. It's really unsettling."

Morrison says she feels helpless for her family in Hurricane Ida's path. She grew up in New Orleans.

Jessica Morrison grandparents
Jessica Morrison with her grandparents. (WBZ-TV)

"Some of my family is evacuating. My grandparents are elderly. They are staying put, which is why my godmother and her husband are staying put. So I've had family that's spread out."

Hurricane Ida made landfall in Cuba before making its way up the Gulf Coast, bringing massive flooding and destruction to the island.

The feeling of anxiousness is all too familiar for Morrison, with her family bracing for the storm.

"PTSD from Katrina is real," she said.

Morrison says she remembers in 2005 dealing with Hurricane Katrina's destruction and not being able to connect with her family for several days because they lost power. That's what she is most concerned about right now.

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