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Hurley: If You're Still Hung Up On Tom Brady Being Guilty, You Are An Idiot

BOSTON (CBS) -- Nobody covered DeflateGate with more veracity and aggressiveness than CBS Boston's Michael Hurley, and so on Friday morning, after Tom Brady defeated the NFL in federal court, Toucher & Rich let Hurley have his victory lap.

It wasn't all celebratory, though, as Hurley let loose some pent-up rage on people who are still missing the point after Judge Richard Berman's ruling.

"There's a lot of people out there -- there are people even on this station -- who, as soon as the ruling came down, spent the day saying, 'Well, Brady is still guilty, this doesn't mean Brady's innocent.' They're still arguing, they're still focused on what they think happened," Hurley shouted. "Meanwhile, the commissioner of the NFL was just laid out by a federal judge. The commissioner lied, the commissioner cheated, the commissioner deceived, and it's right there for you in black and white. And you still want to talk about what you think Tom Brady did in a back room of Gillette Stadium? Stop it. You're either being intentionally obtuse or you're just a jackass. So just stop it."

With that off his chest, the guys discussed the case a bit further. Hurley noted that the only time he stepped foot inside the law school when he was in college was to buy chicken fingers and french fries, but even he was able to tear apart the NFL's case from day one.

"This isn't to toot my own horn; this is to point out how idiotic the case was," Hurley said. "The night the Wells report came out, I pointed out three things that ended up coming back to damn the NFL. And throughout the process, all of their mistakes have been so apparent, so obvious, that if an idiot like me can see it then obviously a skilled lawyer like Jeffrey Kessler was going to see it. What a waste of time, what a waste of money, and it's going to go to appeals court and waste even more time and money, but the good news is -- it's over. It's over. People are worried about the appeal, but nobody is going to follow the appeal, and I think the owners will eventually tell Roger Goodell to drop it."

Rich Shertenlieb enjoyed the focus of Hurley's column, which pointed out how Article 46 of the CBA (aka the clause which the NFL used as its main argument throughout the entire proceeding) was used against the NFL in the final ruling.

"Withholding Jeff Pash from being interviewed [during Brady's appeal hearing], that alone could have overturned the case, because it was an unfair process," Hurley said. "And then withholding the investigative files form the Wells report also on its own could have overturned the case. There were three situations, on their own, that if the other two didn't exist, still would have been enough to overturn it. So in totality, it was just a bloodbath."

Overall, Hurley seemed to admit that it felt good to be right.

"What a day. Just what a day," he said. "For months, you had to put up with so much crap, with so much BS, with so many idiotic, stupid hot takes. And all I did -- I got a lot of feedback from both sides about -- but all I tried to do was stay within reason, to be rational and to apply common sense and try to assess the situation as best I could as a human being. And that won out. And I still can't believe it. I still can't believe that for the first time from January 18 to September 3, nothing made sense until yesterday. So finally, some reason interjected and just proved how stupid it was all along."

Listen to Hurley's full discussion, which included talk about the future of Roger Goodell, below:

Hurley stuck around for another segment, which you can listen to below:

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