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Here's How Tom Brady And Aaron Rodgers Performed In Sunday Night Showdown

FOXBORO (CBS) -- After four long years of waiting, it finally happened. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers shared a football field.

Frankly, it's ridiculous that these two all-time greats have now played against each other just twice and may never meet again, but that's neither here nor there. For the time being, we all at least got to witness Brady-Rodgers II.

The game entered the fourth quarter tied at 17-17, but with the Packers driving in the Patriots' side of the field, Aaron Jones fumbled on the first play of the fourth quarter. The fumble was forced by Lawrence Guy and recovered by Stephon Gilmore. The Patriots then drove down the field to take a lead -- a lead which was doubled to 14 points not long after. The Patriots won 31-17.

While this would not be considered a qualitative analysis, here is the statistical breakdown of how each quarterback performed on Sunday night in Foxboro.


24-for-43 (55.8%)
259 yards
6.0 yards per attempt
2 TDs, 0 INTs
89.2 passer rating


22-for-35 (62.9%)
294 yards
8.4 yards per attempt
1 TD, 0 INT
99.0 passer rating

For history's sake, here's how the two performed in their only other meeting, which came in Green Bay in 2014:

Tom Brady (2014)
22-for-35 (62.9%), 245 yards
2 TDs, 0 INTs
102.7 passer rating
1 rush, -1 yard
1 sack, 9 yards

Aaron Rodgers (2014)
24-for-38 (63.2%), 368 yards
2 TDs, 0 INTs
112.6 passer rating
3 sacks, 20 yards
5 rushes, 22 yards

Per the game broadcast, Brady entered the night with a 19-11 record when facing a Hall of Fame quarterback or likely Hall of Fame inductee. He exited the night with an improved 20-11 record, while Rodgers dropped to 7-7.

If Brady manages to fulfill his dream of playing to age 45, and if Rodgers is fortunate enough to play until age 38, then we'll see Brady-Rodgers III at Lambeau Field in 2022. If not, the only chance they have of meeting again will be in a Super Bowl.

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