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How To Sign Up For WBZ Storm Closings

Already registered? Report your delay or closing at WWW.WBZCLOSINGS.COM using your ID and Password.

WBZ-TV provides cancellations for Public Schools, Private Primary educational schools (Grades K-12), and accredited degree-granting Colleges.  These are the ONLY cancellations that air on TV Monday-Friday. This is a Free Public Service. On the weekends, we also air religious service cancellations. All of the above are available on 7 days a week.

We are not able to provide cancellation services for daycare & nursery schools; private vocational or trade schools; community organizations; government agencies etc. And again we only air cancellations for CCD, Hebrew and religious events on the weekends.

All schools/organizations must be a member of the WBZ StormCenter to make a cancellation.  No cancellations will be accepted without this pre-arranged number.

For new applicants that would like to be a part of the WBZ StormCenter, Please send a letter on School Letterhead requesting membership to:

WBZ StormCenter
1170 Soldiers Field Road
Boston, MA 02134

Visit the School Closings page.

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