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How To Save On Those Miscellaneous Items

BOSTON (CBS) - Our economy is a well-oiled machine run by commerce.

How To Save On Those Miscellaneous Items

We have malls with condos on the top floors so the residents do not have to leave the complex except to go to church, and some malls have that covered also.

Shopping has become a sport. There are TV channels dedicated to shopping. QVC and the Home Shopping Network where you can purchase everything from jewelry to lobster tails to mattresses.

When you are shopping and you are looking for a bargain there is the thrill of the hunt. I don't recommend shopping for entertainment. But if there is something you want or need get the best deal you can. And maybe even enjoy the process.

Recently for a wedding gift I was looking for some fancy goblets. I found Waterford crystal goblets on the Upscale Gallery as well as At there is a hefty restocking charge if you want to return an item.

I have on occasion seen crystal at Costco also. Costco is the upscale model of the warehouse clubs and occasionally you can find leather jackets and Waterford crystal there as well as the large packages of toilet paper. They sell flowers for weddings and funerals and caskets as well!

The bride had registered at the Simon Pearce retail store on Newbury Street and I figured I might get a better deal at the factory outlet in Windsor, Vermont. If I had to make a special trip up there it would not have been a bargain but we were visiting friends in Burlington so we made a slight detour. And I wasn't disappointed. Bonus: we stopped at Harpoon Brewery also in Windsor.

Want an oriental rug or a look alike? A good place for oriental rugs is eBay. Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Home Goods have rugs also.

The big retail stores have sales several times a year. If you know what you want you can get a really good deal by waiting.

One more thing: You may already have access to discounts already in your pocket. AAA membership gets you lots of discounts from travel to TVs. If you belong to Sam's Club, BJ's or Costco have you checked out what else they offer besides cheap cheerios. AARP is another source for travel discounts.

From Bottom Line: Best times to buy: New suit: July or January. Caribbean vacation: March & April. Cars: November and December, dealers want to move inventory before end of year. Airline tickets: Go on sale Wednesdays, just after midnight.

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