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The Golf Club: Adding Power To Your Game

BOSTON (CBS) - The Golf Club is your source for lessons, equipment and courses! Join us every Saturday morning at 6am with Rob "Hardy" Poole!

First up on the latest edition of the Sports Hub Golf Club was Equinox personal trainer and friend of the show Paul Gozbekian, who's also certified by the Titleist Performance Institute and the man responsible for fixing Hardy's lingering back problems.

Gozbekian has taught us some valuable lessons in the past, like how stretching before you golf makes all the difference, but the focus of Saturday's lesson was adding power to your golf game.

Gozbekian was kind enough to pass along some training videos that will without a doubt give you some extra yardage to your swings.

Vertical Thrust Power: Goblet Squat & Loaded Jump Squat

Vertical Thrust Power for Golf by The Golf W.O.D. on YouTube

Vertical Thrust Power: Hip Hinge & Kettlebell Swing

Vertical Thrust Power for Golf by The Golf W.O.D. on YouTube

Rotary Power: Rotation To Chest Press & Lateral Shuffle

Rotary Power for Golf by The Golf W.O.D. on YouTube

Wrist Power: Bottom Up Kettlebell Press & Bottom Up Kettlebell Clean

Wrist Power for Golf by The Golf W.O.D. on YouTube


Also on the Sports Hub Golf Club, Hardy pays a visit to George Wright in Hyde Park, where he plays one of their signature holes: the par four on 13. A lot of work has been done to this hole, so much so that he hardly recognizes it.

Listen below:

Lastly, Hardy catches up with director of golf Troy Pare to find out if he qualified for The Benrus Open (spoiler alert: he did not). The tournament is just a couple of weeks away.

Listen below:

Here's a video of Hardy trying to qualify:

Hardy at the Benrus Open by On the Outs Productions on YouTube


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