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How To Achieve A Comfortable Retirement

BOSTON (CBS) - This rarely happens, but retirement planning should start with your first job.

How To Achieve A Comfortable Retirement

A study by Transamerica Center for Retirement found that over 50% of women did not have a retirement strategy. One third had a plan but it was not written down and only about 7% of women had a written plan.

Unless you are planning to live with one of your kids in your old age you really need to do retirement planning. And if you choose not to do a financial plan come this Thanksgiving as you have your family sitting around the dinner table decide which one of the kids you do want to live with and be nice to that one!

Women don't want to live with their kids nor do they want to be a Bag Lady! So they need to learn about money. Money is a powerful tool. Learn how to make it, save it, invest it, keep it, protect it and pass it along to the next generation if you want to.

  • Take charge of your finances and if coupled you need to share in managing the family's finances.
  • Save for retirement with your first job; those years between 22 to 35 are key to saving.
  • Realize that Prince Charming is not coming to rescue you and if he does arrive, he may be on a mule not a white stallion and have joint custody of his little princess.
  • Figure out where your money goes each month.
  • Get out of Debt. This may mean drastic measures such as "plastic surgery".
  • Establish a budget and save more.
  • Learn about investing.
  • Learn how to use insurance to protect those hard earned assets and your dependents.
  • Understand where Social Security fits into your retirement planning.
  • Do your estate planning so that you can pass your assets to your heirs easily.
  • Know what you don't know and go learn about it.


Money Conference Alert!!

On October 11th I will be the key note speaker at The Money Conference which is a FREE one-day event presented by The Office of Massachusetts State Treasury. It will be held at UMASS Boston and the first 500 registrants will get a free copy of my newest book, Money, Your Personal Finance Guide.

There will be afternoon classes on everything from budgeting to buying a house. The Financial Planning Association of Boston will have volunteer financial planners there to help answer questions. You can set up a meeting with a Money Mentor when you register. If you have questions about the conference, contact Sheila O'Loughlin of the State Treasury at (617) 367-6900 ext 615.

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