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How Much Did He Pay? Ochocinco On Getting #85 From Hernandez

FOXBORO (CBS) - There has been much debate over how much new Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco would pay to wear the number 85.

(For those who missed it, "ocho-cinco" is "8-5" in Spanish. Chad legally changed his last name from Johnson a few years back.)

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Tight End Aaron Hernandez had been wearing the number.  According to the celebrity web site TMZ, Ochocinco was willing to buy number 85 from Hernandez and that "no number is too high."

Speculation on 98.5 The Sports Hub was that number could go all the way up to $85,000 or even $850,000.

It turns out he paid $0. That's right, nothing. Hernandez, who's in his second year of a four-year $2.4 million contract, handed it over for free to Ochocinco, who is set to make $6 million this year. He called it a "welcome gift."

Reporters asked Ochocinco on Saturday if he gave Hernandez anything in return.  "He can use my Prius on the weekends and I still have a bunch of McDonald coupons, I don't eat at McDonalds anymore," Ochocinco responded.

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