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Hot Takes With Bob Socci: Revis Wasn't Calling Out Belichick

BOSTON (CBS) - Patriots radio play-by-play man Bob Socci joined 98.5 The Sports Hub's Felger & Massarotti on remote Friday afternoon to offer his thoughts on Monday night's showdown with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Even though the Chiefs (1-2) haven't looked the same since starting the 2013 season 9-0, Socci believes the Chiefs present a great challenge for New England.

"Monday Night in Kansas City -- one of the most loudest environments in all of sports. They have very good edge rushers in Tamba Hali and Justin Houston. The Patriots are going in with an extra day of preparation, so hopefully they play better," said Socci.

Socci also notes that KC has a very aggressive defensive coordinator in Bob Sutton, and Andy Reid is a tremendous play caller. Socci then complimented quarterback Alex Smith, and believes the run game will be just fine with or without Jamaal Charles, even though he's expected to play.

Under normal circumstances most Patriots fans would pick their team to win, but even the most fervent supporters would admit the confidence level is very low at the moment.

"That's the big problem for me too right now. It's Monday night, a tough environment and tough to communicate as it is as an offensive line, especially one trying to come together," said Socci. "I mean, they're still figuring out personnel nevermind the snap count. It's been an offensive line that hasn't performed well at all."

One listener called in and took Tom Brady to task for not being able to get anything out of his receivers, but the problem is much deeper than that according to Socci.

"How many times has Tom Brady had the opportunity to look at his second or third read this season, and progress through those reads thus far? He hasn't had the time. We talk about the trust in receivers, but thus far this season he hasn't had the protection to even allow for that thought, much less look those guys way."

Darrelle Revis was asked on Thursday about the difference in scheme between Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick's defenses, to which the All Pro responded, "Rex is more aggressive. We switch it up here."

People are perceiving that as a slight at Belichick, but Bob Socci doesn't think that's true at all.

Listen for his full explanation!

Hot Takes With Bob Socci


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