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Homes Don Black Balloons In Memory Of Drug Overdose Victims

PEABODY (CBS) -- Erin Tremblay along with her family and friends say the black balloons they hang today are in memory of her husband all those who have died of drug addictions. They call it Black Balloon Day. Last year on this day Erin's husband Greg died of a drug overdose.

"This day is hard and we are trying to make it a positive thing to show people are not alone," Erin said.

Hundreds of balloons are being hung on door posts and mailboxes.

"We are raising awareness for drug overdose. Its' for everyone who has suffered from it and people who are still struggling with it. We are asking people to hand a black balloon outside their house," organizer Lauren Hurley said.

It's a simple gesture that has gone viral. More than 40 thousand people are now participating across the world.

"It's great to watch it grow and it shows me I am not alone," Erin said.

It's a bittersweet day for a family who have a painful yet important message to share.

"We did this in honor of our brother-in-law and we hope he is smiling down on us. We love him and miss him very much," Lauren said.

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