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Holy Cross Lacrosse Team Drafts 10-Year-Old Battling Cancer

WORCESTER (CBS) – Austin Jones and his family are somewhat new to Massachusetts, but the 10-year-old got a roaring warm welcome from his growing support system: the Holy Cross Men's Lacrosse team.

The Crusaders just gained a fighter like no other, a teammate tougher than most.

"First there's cancer, cancer is not fun at all," Austin said.

Ten-year-old Austin of Northborough is a Team Impact recruit; the Boston-based nonprofit connects college teams with some pretty extraordinary MVPs - kids who have endured more than most.

Austin Jones
Austin Jones (WBZ-TV)

"It was devastating," said Austin's mom Cortney Jones. "At first they didn't give us great odds. He had the fastest growing cancer out there, Burkitt Lymphoma. It was just, it was just really hard."

Surrounded by their team, the family's worries fade away.

"I just feel really happy. I feel really happy," Austin said. "I feel really proud. They make me laugh a lot."

It's not about cancer, but just having fun.

"He's the toughest guy in the room right now," said Coach Judd Lattimore. "He's a guy that makes us all want to do things the right way. To be honest with you, I think selfishly we get more out of it than Austin does."

Laughs and life lessons, lasting long after this season.

"I really just feel really excited to be on your team!" Austin said.

Together Austin and the Crusaders have their sights set forward a healthy 2018 and a successful season on the field.

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