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Professionals Bring Joy To Homeowners With Large Light Displays

MIDDLETON (CBS) - In a year that has been difficult for so many families, people are looking for some holiday comfort to end 2020.

Since leaving the house isn't always the best option, there are a few homeowners north of Boston going all out to keep things merry and bright.

And they've been able to do so thanks in large part to Joe Guarino, the President of Holiday Lighting of Massachusetts.

"Nothing means more to us and at our company is the joy that we can bring to our clients," Guarino said.

Guarino's team of elves has been hard at work in Middleton, putting up LED lights, wreaths and some life-sized nutcrackers.

Middleton Holiday Light Display

"I think Christmas is a really happy time, I think this year even more so than any, because of what's going on and we decided to go all out," said homeowner Michael Zenga.

Zenga said he wanted to decorate his house with lights for his two daughters.

"Anything to make my little girls happy," Zenga said.

Zenga's neighbor, John Zirpolo, has loved putting up lights since he was young with his mother, and knows it means a lot to his family, especially now.

"Everybody in my family, we all love Christmas," Zirpolo said. "Little upset this year, that we can't all get together."

So both Zirpolo and Zenga picked up the phone, and called Guarino.

"I knew he was the guy to do it, because I'm not going up there," Zirpolo said.

Between Zenga and Zirpolo's homes, they have 25,000 lights that will twinkle until the new year. And when the pandemic's over, Christmas may be making a comeback.

"I may keep the decorations up and do it in July," Zirpolo said.

Guarino said his company has been getting calls since July to put lights up and the demand is not slowing down.


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