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Holden charity helping animals impacted by war in Ukraine

Holden charity helping animals impacted by war in Ukraine
Holden charity helping animals impacted by war in Ukraine 02:08

HOLDEN - Laura Simpson has devoted her life to animal rescue. A few years ago, she founded Harmony Fund an international rescue charity based in Holden. It's devoted to helping underdog animal rescuers all over the world.

For the past year the non-profit has been making a huge impact Ukraine. "It's hard to comprehend the scale of an entire country of people who had pets and animals they loved and large percentage of them left or sadly were killed," Simpson said.

For the past year they've been providing truckloads of food for rescue centers and for volunteers feeding homeless animals on the streets of Ukraine.

"There's been tens of thousands of animals that have received food, veterinary care, treatment for injuries," Simpson said.

Simpson says she's been able to raise more than $350,000 from people here across the state to help in the mission. And she said the needs continue to grow.

"We need more funds for more food and veterinary medicine and right now, we are building a new shelter over there for dogs and cats who are on the streets being fed by volunteers while the shelter is being constructed," Simpson said.

From truckloads of hay for horses, to veterinary care to wildlife injured by the bombs, Harmony Fund is providing extraordinary help under overwhelming circumstances.

"Wonderful opportunity to take a tragic situation and do something good. We are a small charity, but we are trying to do really great things," she said. 

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