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3 Teens Charged After Stolen Car Filled With Stolen Packages Crashes In Holbrook

HOLBROOK (CBS) - It was the crash of the white Toyota Camry in front of Saint John's Episcopal Church in Holbrook that sent Carla Semeter running outside, debris scattered on the front yard.

"They had taken out a sign and post over there," said Semeter.

What she would later learn from police is that it was a stolen vehicle. Police had been in pursuit after the driver and two passengers allegedly fled a traffic stop and came to a crashing halt at the church. The suspects then ran into nearby woods.

"We were very fortunate, looking at the tire tracks, it could have come into our building," said Semeter.

When police opened the trunk, they discovered bags and boxes, Amazon packages that filled the rear of the car. They had already pursued the suspects with canines into the woods taking them into custody.

It was all witnessed by Makenna Feighery who happened to be driving by. "I see two men walking out of the woods. At that point I'm not sure how long they were running but they both put their hands up and police had them on the ground almost immediately," Feighery said.

Police arrested 18-year-old Romulald Bernard of Randolph who faces a variety of charges including failing to stop at a stop sign and receiving stolen property. Two juvenile males ages 16 and 17 were also arrested and charged, one of them already had outstanding arrest warrants.

The witnesses say it seemed like something out of a movie, all topped off by a trunk load of packages.

"I think it's terrible, kind of a sign of the times. Most people are really good and honest," said Semeter.

Now police will track down the rightful owners who probably never knew their packages went missing.


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