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Holbrook Company Has Solution For Foggy Goggles

BOSTON (CBS) - If you are an outdoor person, or someone who wears glasses, the riddle of foggy goggles is a problem. WBZ Business reporter Jeff Brown says a Holbrook startup has a solution.

The company, Sven Can See, created a gel that is applied on glasses, goggles, or visors to keep the water molecules from forming on lenses.

The name of the product came from an interesting moment.

"From the bedtime stories I used to tell my daughter of Sven the mountain climber and his trusty friend Chuck the goat," said founder Scott Newman.

The solution keeps the fog down and lenses clear, but people have to remember to use it.

"Like a day like today, you'd want to apply it once a day, but warmer temperatures you'll get a couple days out of it. And if you happen to wanna use it on your bathroom mirror, you'll get weeks out of it," said Newman.

Newman says the real market is with industrial and for first responders but the company has its eyes on uses for the military as well.

"Folks are in and out of an ambulance or in and out of a building. They have to wear safety glasses and really without this anti-fog solution, it impedes their vision, makes it difficult for them to do their job and often times they take off their safety glasses," he said.

Newman is not alone, he knows that he has competition.

"What makes our product unique is that it's all natural. So there's no ammonia, there's no alcohol, there's no fumes, there's no odors," said Newman.

Sven Can See is sold in ski shops throughout New England now, but Newman still has his work cut out for him.

"Make people realize that fogging is not just a winter issue, that it's a four season solution," said Newman.

Founded in 2015, the product works on all types of lenses.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Jeff Brown reports

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