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Historic Doyle's Cafe To Auction Memorabilia After Closure

JAMAICA PLAIN (CBS) -- Doyle's Cafe has a repository of Boston history hanging on its walls in Jamaica Plain. What's going to happen to all that memorabilia?

For 137 years, Doyle's on Washington Street has been a community gathering spot.

"The memorabilia at Doyle's is like no other. It has Boston to its core," said longtime customer Mark Fahey.

Politicians on both the local and national levels are well represented, and so is Boston sports history. There's also plenty of beer memorabilia.

The restaurant is closing soon, and then there'll be an auction of just about everything there, from the glasses, to the tables and chairs, to the history represented everywhere you look.

"Almost every piece tells its own story," said customer Denise Fahey Costello.

The three Fahey siblings are here to remember their father, Bill Fahey, who found a second home at Doyle's and whose photo is on the wall.

The picture of Bill Fahey in Doyle's Cafe in Jamaica Plain. (WBZ-TV)

Doyle's owner is giving the Faheys the photo, but there are a few other things they said they wouldn't mind bidding on.

"My wife doesn't know, but I've already carved out room in our living room to bring the giant phone booth in. It's going to happen," said Brian Fahey.

"I'm married to a Patrick and I gave birth to a Patrick so I'd probably take the Patrick Court sign," Denise said.

"It would be the mural in the other room. There's a huge mural of all the politicians on the wall," Mark said. "I'd have to come in with a hacksaw."

Other long time customers have their eyes open as well. "If I could take anything from Doyle's it would be the clock up on the wall," said Mark Doogue.

"If I could take something I think it would be the Kennedy for President framed picture," Paul Daley added.

Doyle's owner hasn't said exactly what day will be their last, just that the restaurant will close by the end of the month.

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