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Hingham Weighs Noise Ordinance That Could Technically Ban Loud Conversation

HINGHAM (CBS) – Residents in Hingham just want some peace and quiet.

And in response to more than 300 noise complaints filed last year, the town's Board of Selectmen says it's weighing an ordinance that would restrict nighttime noise levels to 45 dB, and daytime levels at 55 dB.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Bernice Corpuz reports

Hingham Weighs Noise Ordinance That Could Effectively Ban Loud Conversation

"It's really a question of giving police some tools to deal with a quality of life issue," Hingham Selectman Chairman Bruce Rabuffo.

Violations would result in $100 to $300 fines.

The current proposal is raising some concerns. The proposed decibel levels of 45 and 55 dB would effectively outlaw use of lawn mowers, snow blowers, and tractors; it could even spark fines for loud conversations.

Rabuffo emphasized that the proposal is just that – a proposal. He hopes to start a conversation and eventually reach a consensus on noise levels.

Online: Hingham Noise Ordinance Proposal


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