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Two 18-Year-Olds Charged With Stealing 'Thin Blue Line' Flag From Hingham Home

HINGHAM (CBS) – Two 18-year-old Hingham men are charged with stealing and defacing a "thin blue line" flag from a home. The two allegedly posted video of the act on social media.

Hingham Police received an anonymous tip about a flag pole and flag that had been stolen on August 15. The person providing the tip also included videos from social media that showed the pole being smashed and placed into a pool.

Police said another video showed one of the men ripping a thin blue line bumper sticker from the window of a car parked at the Derby Street Shoppes in town.

Officers identified the two men.

One of the 18-year-olds is charged with larceny under $1,200 and two counts of defacing property. The second man is charged with larceny and one count of defacing property.

Because the men were not arrested, their names were not released. They are set to appear in Hingham District Court at a future date.

"It's scary. I'm really hoping that we all can come together a lot better than this," Ellen Perfetuo of Hingham said. "People who destroy and destruct, there's just no place for that and it's not helping."

John Alessi of Hingham added, "I feel like a lot of people, myself included, are still trying to find the line between kind of the 'defund the police' and kind of the 'law and order.' I certainly respect the police."

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